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As a primary option we have the ground activities, once we arrive, our guests have a moment to get ready for the different activities, such as a scenic guided hike along the trails during which they will have the opportunity to swim in the clear thermo-mineral river (Multiple springs convert the cool stream into a thermal river, with temperatures from 90 to 115ºF.) and, later, a gastronomic experience.

As a second option, we have a thrilling sequence that will surprise the
adventurous travelers!

It includes 15 platforms, a human pendulum (“Tarzan swing”), and 5 zip lines up to 803ft long.

The inspiring Rio Blanco canyon is the main stage for the much-liked aerial slides (our team’s unique invention featured on an NBC
adventure program in 2011).

Tour "Thermal Springs & Trails" Includes
Tour "Aerial Canyoning & Hot Springs" Includes

Remarks: Waiver is required, minimum age is 12 years.
All participants must be in good physical condition for “Aerial Canyoning & Hot Springs”.

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